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Champlin Park Unveils New Uniforms

By Rebels Media Post, 05/24/18, 5:45PM CDT


Six Rebels seniors posed for pictures this past week to unveil the team’s new, highly anticipated uniforms.  While the sun was out causing the players to squint, we think the bright future for our Rebels could have been causing a glare as well. 

“They’re hot,” Rebels Defensive Back Cory Kyro said. “They’re nice, real nice!  I’m excited to get in them. They’re cutting edge.”

The revamped uniforms consist of two jerseys — one white, one blue — and two pants — one gray, one blue — giving the team four combinations. The iconic silver helmets were tweaked slightly last year with a new shiny “silver” outlined rebel head on the silver sparkle helmet.

 “I love them,” Rebels Receiver/Defensive Back Jay Vang said of the new uniforms. “I saw the uniforms a few weeks back, and when you compare them to the old jerseys, they are a neat new look, we felt like it was time for a change, and I like everything about these jerseys.”

Vang modeled his favorite combination — the blue-on-blue look — in the picture.

Free Safety/Wide Receiver Kiernan Lundgren and Quarterback Bennett Otto gladly donned white on blue instead.

“The white jerseys just pop,” Otto said. “The addition of numbers on the shoulders and the embroidered numbers and letters are the best part,” according to Lundgren.

Rebels Head Coach, Nick Keenan, said the blue-on-blue would be the Rebels’ alternate home jersey and the white-on gray would be the teams’ alternate away jersey. Champlin Park has broken out similar color rush options in the past for homecoming or state tournament games.

The jerseys have the word “Champlin Park” emblazoned across the chest. The Rebels are now one of the only Minnesota High School teams with a school’s name on the front of a jersey instead of a team nickname.

“Champlin Park is always behind this team regardless of our record,” said Keenan, who started his high school coaching career at Champlin Park. “The student and fans really drive this team, and having the school name front and center is something special about these jerseys. I think a lot of the fans will like it, as well.”

The teams nickname “Rebels” is inscribed inside the back collars of the jerseys.

“Some guys say you look good, you play good,” Linebacker Vincent Lamberty said. “I’m one of those guys — I feel like if I’m confident in the way I look, I’m confident in the way I play. So I’m a strong believer in that.”  Lamberty is known for having great wavy hair.  He modeled the Rebels home combination of blue-on-gray with returning 2-year starter, Defensive Lineman/Offensive Lineman, Hayden Carr.

Images of the jerseys leaked on social media over the past couple weeks.

“I think social media was made for moments like this,” Carr said. “We knew there would be a lot of speculation and we also knew that tonight would be the first time anyone would see all of the uniforms together. So that was the most important thing to keep secret.  Everyone will judge for themselves. But we feel really good about the new uniforms.”

“Honestly, I haven’t heard anybody that didn’t like the uniforms, which is good,” said senior Linebacker Johnston Freeman. “Usually, everyone has some beef with something and I don’t think that is the case with these uniforms.”  Freeman modeled the alternate away jersey with the white-on-gray combo.

In the Anoka Hennepin School District teams will generally change jerseys every 4-5 years.  Last year’s varsity jerseys will be handed down to the sophomore team, while the sophomore jerseys will go to the incoming freshman team.  Coach Keenan has also coordinated to purchase team socks and team bags for all levels. 

One thing is for sure, the newly outfitted Rebels will look good coming off the bus.  We have reason to believe they will back up their great new look with high performance on the field.  Just under 100 days till our home opener against the East Ridge Raptors.